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South Fork, Palisades Reservoir, and Main Snake River Fishing Report June 23th, 2016

This week’s fishing report comes from Josh Heileson.  Josh is one of the most requested and hardest working guides at the lodge, he doesn’t have dozens of photos hanging in the shop by not working hard on the river everyday.  If he’s not guiding fly fisherman he’s guiding waterfowl hunters through the fall and early winter for the lodge.  Josh knows what it takes to put in a full successful season.  When I asked him if he wanted me to mention his Twitter or Instagram handle in this post he said “Nah, I don’t do that shit!”  There’s no muss or fuss with Josh, just hard work that puts fish in the net and ducks in the dirt.

Josh has been guiding every day this week (and last week for that matter) and has been fishing the lower river exclusively in search of the fabled Salmon Fly as well as PMD’s, Sallies, Drakes..and all that.  Turns out the reason he’s been down there every day is the fishing has been good.  He’s seen a few Salmon Flies around but reports most fish haven’t keyed in on them yet and he’s had more success fishing Green Drakes.  With my luck I bet that’s already changed and Josh and his clients are out crushing them today.  Look for the epic dry fly fishing to move up river quickly with this warm weather with the dry fly fishing spreading into the canyon by the end of this weekend.  Nymphing continues to be the best tactic on the upper river but there are still dry flies to be found if you keep your eyes peeled.  I stumbled upon a great B.W.O. hatch near the Falls on Sunday.

Looking for something different and a chance to avoid some of the Salmon Fly crowds on the South Fork?  Check out Palisades Reservoir with “The Mayor”…full story here or head down to the Main Snake River with one of our guides and fish for trout, bass, and carp all in the same day.  Many of you probably remember long time TLAPC guide Larry “The Legend  Larsen” he’s set up shop in Pocatello and we are offering some excellent fishing through his shop, Snake River Fly. Call the lodge for details and stay tuned for a full write up in our blog about the experience.