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South Fork of the Snake Fishing Report April, 28th 2016

Just got off the phone with our head guide Jaason Pruett…made me wish I was out on the river, but instead I’m sharing this fishing report with you!  Jaason’s been out on the river a fair amount this week and reports the fishing to be really good with the increase in flows.  The bigger volume of water present is moving the fish out of their winter holds and into their more traditional spots and they are “eating their way there” according to Jaason.  He’s had the most success with stonefly nymphs and san juan worms as the higher water in the river and the tributaries has moved a lot of bugs and flushes food in from the tributaries.

If you are interested in a guided trip, we’ve got guides available and our lodge opens May 9th with 2 for 1 Lodging if you hurry!

Doing what he does best!
Doing what he does best!
Fat South Fork of the Snake Rainbow
Fat and Healthy!