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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 10/18/2018

snake river rainbow | snake river fishing report

Thank you for checking in on this week’s fishing report.  The weather in Southeast Idaho has been absolutely fantastic, maybe a bit too nice for fishing but just right for fishing, does that make any sense?  These warmer sunny days have reduced the number of mayflies hatching but there really isn’t a better place to be than on the river when the days are this nice.

The flows have dropped considerably this week, just a few days ago the flow out of Palisades Dam was 4,200 cfs and today we are at about 2,700.  Low flows mean lots of great opportunities for wade fisherman and floaters should keep in mind that even a short float is going to take a lot longer than you might expect.

Our guides have been employing a variety of tactics this week to stay in the fish.  Throwing white or olive and white sparkle minnow streamers along the banks was effective as were two fly nymph rigs with an emphasis on Blue Winged Olive imitations subsurface.  Keep your eyes peeled in foam lines, eddies, and riffles for fishing eating BWO’s on the surface especially in the afternoon.

The duck hunting has been particularly good lately and we anticipate spending as much time hunting as fishing in the coming weeks.

Enjoy the nice weather this weekend.  More unsettled weather is headed our way next week and we’ll probably see a return of larger mayfly hatches with that weather.

The fly shop will be open from 8-4 daily and the lodge will be open through Mid-November.  Give us a call if you’re interested in a cast n’ blast trip or swing by the shop to say “Hi”.