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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 10/20/17

South Fork Fishing Report / Double Rainbow

We had spectacular weather this week with highs in the 60’s and then this morning woke up to Fall with heavy cloud cover, wind, and rain.  Looks to be much of the same through the weekend with the best chance of nice weather maybe late Sunday.  While we all know that the fish are already wet and cold and the fishing will be fantastic in this weather, I might shoot for an afternoon float on Sunday.

Fishing has continued to impress this week with good dry fly hatches (BWO’s and Mahogany duns) when the wind would lie down and the streamer bite “IS ON” as our lodge manager put it.  I’m sure the guides out on the water today will be seeing lots of fish on streamers. The flow out of Palisades is higher than we are used to this time of year, but more water the better for the fish, the fishing, and the young of the year through the winter.

If you have questions about fishing, need licenses, flies, tackle, or a shuttle.   Give us a call or come by the shop 208-483-2222