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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 10/26/17

Josh Jablow Double Rainbow - South Fork Fishing Report

Nothing new to report this week,  you can pretty much just read last weeks report, or the week before that, or the…you get the idea.  Flows remain a steady 3,800.  Fishing streamers in the morning and evening with mayflies in the middle part of the day…doesn’t get any easier than that.  Remember the fish will tend to “pod up” in foam lines, eddies, and riffles when the B.W.O’s and Mahogony’s hatch so if you find a big group of feeding fish, don’t leave them to find others…unless you know where another pod usually is.

The big change this week has been some consistent weather, which looks like it’s going to stick around for another week or so.  With temperatures in the 50’s to even low 60’s by the weekend, it’s going to be an awesome time to be on the water.  Nice weather, eager trout, and very few anglers this time of year.  See you out there!