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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 11/1/2018

Snake River Rainbow | Fishing report

I’m sad to say this will be our last weekly fishing report for the season.  We’ll post some updates here periodically throughout the winter and when conditions on the river warrant.  Flows out of Palisades Dam are reaching the winter flow of 900 cfs, they aren’t quite there yet but I’d bet by the weekend we will hit it.

Many of our guides have turned their attention to the Main Snake River below Idaho Falls and below American Falls as flows drop on the South Fork.  Trophy trout are being caught by those anglers willing to make the trip and the effort.  The photo for this post is a fish caught in the Snake River below American Falls.  Give us a call if you’d like information about these special trips.

There are still plenty of fish to be had in the South Fork and it’s a great time to fish especially if you like to walk and wade.  You can literally fish the entire river is you’re willing to walk in.  Fish can be caught on streamers, nymphs, and dry flies from now until spring.  It’s really more about where you are fishing than the flies.  Focus on areas with slow and deep water.  The fish are moving into these areas as their “winter homes” and will remain there for the rest of the year and beyond.  Stripping streamers deep and slow through these areas will draw attention, as will a double nymph rig.  For dry flies keep your eyes peeled on foam lines, riffles, and those long slow tail-outs.  You might get lucky and see a few more Blue Wings this fall but most likely if fish are feeding they’ll be eating midges.

We’ve got guides who will be chasing ducks and geese from now through mid-January.  If you’re interested in some great waterfowl hunting give us a call, it’s been a great waterfowl season so far and we’d love to have you join us.

Thanks for a great season and we’ll see you on the river!