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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 5/3/2018

south fork brown trout

Blue Skies and Green Water

Thank you for checking in on this week’s fishing report.  Last week reported “gin clear” water and unfortunately with the increase of Spring run-off into Palisades Reservoir we are now seeing the water turning off color coming out of Palisades.  There seems to always be good news and bad news so that would be the bad news.  The good news is flows are down to a very fishable 14,000 cfs and the weather is fantastic.

Sure the fishing won’t be “easy” this weekend but anglers who work their nymphs and streamers hard will be rewarded.  Our guides have been having a blast with our new streamer selection in the shop.  Big bright ugly streamers fished deep in slower moving water are turning fish.  The most effective technique remains nymphing with two nymphs and a strike indicator.  Focus your efforts on slow-moving foam lines, slower riffles, and back eddies.  Good fishing can be found in the riffles around the falls and between Spring Creek and Conant and fishing below the dam has also been productive.

This Week’s Top Flies

  • Egg patterns
  • San Juan Worms (the biggest ugliest ones!)
  • Stonefly Nymphs (same as above, pick a big one)
  • Bead Head Midge Patterns as a dropper (Ed’s Tungsten)
  • Orvis Lightning Bug
  • Big Ugly Streamer of your choice (keep changing colors until you find the one they like)