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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 8/16/2018

South Fork of the Snake Rainbow Trout

I want to thank everyone again for checking in on our weekly fishing report.  We do our best to get this report up every week on Thursday afternoon.  Your visits have made this page our second most visited page on our website, only the home page gets more views.  Thank you!

I was joking with Justin, our manager, that I could probably just copy and paste from last week’s report.  I won’t do that but you get the idea.  The weather, flows, hatches, and techniques haven’t changed much this past week.  It’s a PMD game right now with riffles producing a good number of feeding fish during the middle part of the day.  This is technical fishing with small drys trailed with even smaller emergers.  It’s my favorite type of fishing but it takes really good eyes, accurate casting, and a Jedi like mind for hook sets.  Even I often don’t see the “take” but just set when something “weird” happens.  If you’re lucky enough to be with one of the guides just set the hook when they start freaking out hahaha.

As with previous reports, early morning and late evening floats should include some caddis fishing and streamer chasing.  We’re seeing fish looking big foam like hoppers and golden stones, so big dry/dropper rigs on the banks are a good bet.

A few things to keep in mind

  • We’ll start to see “mutant” wingless golden stones any day now, especially on the next drop in flow out of Palisades.  Twitching chernobyl ants early in the morning following this drop will be productive.
  • We’ve had several weeks without a cloud in the sky.  That may change Saturday with a small cold front coming through.  Some cloudy days would really make the fishing amazing.
  • Our guides on the main Snake below American Falls are crushing the Bass and are catching a few trout as well.  Something to think about and we can get you set up with a trip.

Thanks again for checking in!  Have a fun weekend and stay safe out ther.






riffles, pmd’s little bugs, golden stones,  bass bite is on few trout as well.  Palisades fishing well. Cloudy