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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 8/2/2018

South Fork of the Snake River Drift Boat

The dog days of summer are upon us and what great days they are!  The water is gin clear, the fish are happy with all the cold water coming out of Palisades and the long days on the river don’t get much better.  Fishing was good this past week although the bright sun each day is making things a bit tougher than it has been.  Angler’s who pay close attention and have patience will be rewarded.  Also, anglers who fish early in the morning or stay out for the evening hatch will have an advantage as the middle of the day has been the slowest period.

We are still seeing a few large adult golden stones, plenty of PMD’s in the afternoons, and we’re tricking quite a few fish on terrestrials.  A small flying ant or beetle pattern with a PMD emerger trailing in the riffles is a good tactic.  Don’t be afraid to throw something totally different as the fish are looking up and throwing something that nobody else has tried might just turn them on.

Many of our guides have been keeping multiple rods rigged, one for small drys, one for big drys and one rod rigged with two nymphs.  The double nymph rig is a good strategy in the middle of the day if fish are taking a siesta.

Here’s a pro tip!  Keep an eye on the forecast, the first cloudy day after a string of hot sunny days is usually on fire.  I know I hope to be on the water the next time a good cloudy day rolls around.

Pro tip #2.  Some of the best fishing reports from our guests this week came in from the Snake River below American Falls.  It’s a bit further to drive but the fishing down there has been red hot with lots of smallmouth bass coming to the net.  We’d love to share this special fishery with you.

We’re having an Idaho themed BBQ tomorrow night.  Join us for Idaho Trout, Potatoes, Asparagus and more.  All you can eat for just $35.  Please make reservations before noon tomorrow by calling 208.483.2222.  See you there!