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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 9/14/17

Justin Hays The Lodge at Palisades Creek - Fishing Report

Fall is officially in the air this week here in Swan Valley and the change in the fishing can be felt as well. With cooler weather (even snow in the mountains) forecasted for this weekend, it’s time to get your Fall fishing game ready.  Blue Winged Olives (BWO’s), Mahogany Duns, and streamers will start to play a bigger roll in the coming weeks, while hoppers and mutant golden stones will start to taper off.

This week fishing was good on dry flies, excellent on nymphs, and just mediocre on streamers, but aren’t we lucky to have success with all three!  Guests did well with hopper dropper and mutant stone dropper rigs and there are still a few PMD’s around.  The most consistent fishing came on double nymph rigs when the fish weren’t looking up.  Expect the dry fly fishing to pick up with the arrival of cooler weather.  Fishing this weekend might be wet and cold but the catching should be fantastic.

We’re looking forward to Cast & Blast season here at TLAPC and still have a few prime dates available.  Enjoy some time in the duck blind in the morning and then hunt down a trophy brown trout in the afternoon.  Give Shayde a call for details. 208-483-222.

Have a great weekend and catch a big one!