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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report 9/28/17

South Fork of the Snake River Moose

The last few days have just been magical,  crystal clear blue skies, some of the best fishing of the year, fall colors (check out the webcam!), few people, and great hatches.  We’re sounding a bit like a broken record but NOW is the time to hit the South Fork!

One of our guides, Josh Jablow, reported his best fishing of the year yesterday with fish eating big foam dries, droppers, PMD’s, BWO’s…it’s like the fish are trying to fatten up before winter and are eager to EAT!

If you’re headed out, here’s the game plan for the day.  In the morning start out with a big dry (hopper, golden stone) and your favorite bead head dropper (brown or green Ed’s Tungsten’s work great).  If the fish aren’t coming after it switch to a streamer, keep changing colors until you find one they like to chase. (gray and white double bunny has been a go-to)  Sometime from before lunch until around 4:30 the mayflies will hatch. On a warm sunny day like today, we are still seeing some PMD’s, cold cloudy days will have mahogany duns and BWO’s.  You should have several hours of great dry fly action then it’s back to streamers. Have Fun!

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