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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report April 13th, 2017

The A Frame with South Fork of the Snake

Hi Anglers, here’s your South Fork of the Snake River fishing report for this week.  It’s tough out there!  Water is high, cold, and off color…3 cards stacked against South Fork anglers this week.  Water went back up to 18,000 cfs and now that the reservoir has been drawn down to 16% the water coming out of Palisades Reservoir is best described as green.

So what’s a determined fly fisher to do?  A few pointers.

  • Be patient; as mentioned in previous posts focus on “A” water.  Slow water behind bushes, islands, drop offs.  The fish are probably up hiding where you’d normally get out and have lunch so take your time to find worthy water.
  • Nymph!  It’s really the only game in town.  Focus on big stonefly nymphs, shiny worms, eggs, etc.
  • Enjoy the solitude out there or head to local lakes or the Henry’s Fork and remember there’s better days to come!