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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report April 19th, 2017

Guide Josh Heileson making smiles

Thanks for stopping by this week’s fishing report for the South Fork of the Snake.  We are updating this report each week, typically on Thursday afternoons.  There’s some good news this week! Flows out of Palisades Reservoir have dropped from over 20,000 CFS on Monday to just a bit over 14,000 today.  The other piece of good news is the weather is looking fabulous for this weekend, especially Saturday.

So is there bad news?  Well we’ll have to wait and see.  The snowpack above about 7,500 feet is still growing with 8-10″ of new snow falling the past few days. Our moist spring continues.  So, will our above average snowpack and below average level of Palisades Reservoir reach a perfect balance and we’ll see steady fishable flows from here on out?  That’s the question.  Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for updates.

While we don’t officially open until May 1st we have had several day trips go out.  The picture above is guide Josh Heileson doing what he does best, putting smiles on faces.  While fishing is by no means easy right now there are still methods for being productive.  As mentioned in previous posts this month, focus on finding slower moving water.  Don’t bother fishing fast moving banks, it’s better to just float until you find some “A” water.  Look for slow water in big eddies, backwaters, behind islands, riffles etc.  Nymphs are the best game in town with big stoneflies, eggs, and san juan worms turning the most heads.

With the flow dropping and the reservoir steady or filling slowly we should see an improvement in the fishing.  I’d expect some fairly good reports from anglers out and about this weekend.

Have fun out there and be safe.  If you’re interested in a guided trip give us a call 208-483-2222