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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report April 6th, 2017

South Fork Webcam shot

Thanks for checking in on this week’s fishing report for the South Fork of the Snake.  The above photo shows the high flows via our webcam. Flows are down this week and stable at 16,000 cfs.  While lower, 16K is still very high for this time of year making wading nearly impossible and floating by far your best option.

Not much has changed fishing wise from last week.  The flows are too high and cold to have any dry fly opportunities.  This time of year you will be most successful finding slower moving water (behind islands, drop offs, backwaters) and fishing nymphs such as rubberlegs, eggs, and san juan worms.  If you aren’t a big fan of nymphing we’ve had success fishing streamers slow and deep in backwaters, look for areas you can row back up into and get out of the current.  There’s usually a fish or two lurking in these backwaters hiding from the current.

The weather forecast for the weekend looks to be wet and cold so if you do make it out on the South Fork this weekend you’ll most likely have much of the river to yourself, with just a few intrepid anglers venturing out.