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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report July 21st, 2016

What a great July so far!  And it just keeps getting better with this fishing report from our head guide Jaason Pruett.  I had so much fun talking to Jaason this week it’s clear why he is our most requested guide, he takes his job seriously and is always thinking about the river, weather, bugs, and what the fish might be thinking.

Jaason has been a guide a TLAPC for 19 years and this is his 20th on the river.  Right now between fishing and hunting he’s guiding upwards of 150 days per year.  He lives year round in Swan Valley with his partner Stephanie and 2 kids, Traason and Kambree.

TLAPC: On a scale of 1-10 how has your fishing been this week?

Jaason: Hmmm a 6.

TLAPC:  Just a 6?

Jaason:  Yeah the river sort of hit a wall this week.  The fishing has be SOOO good but things have stagnated, the weather and river flows have been the same for weeks, the river’s just stuck in a rut.  We’re still catching lots of fish but you have to work a bit harder and really have a game plan.

TLAPC: What should people be looking to throw this weekend?

Jaason: Your favorite Golden Stone pattern with a dropper below it is still producing, the best fishing has been the PMD hatch in the riffles.  We’ve been catching fish on caddis in the morning and there’s a great caddis hatch before dark.

TLAPC:  What’s been your best fly this week?

Jaason: Spongebob


Jaason:  We have a bunch in the shop come down and check them out.

TLAPC:  I guess I’ll have to!  What’s the strangest thing a client has said or asked in 20 years of guiding?

Jaason:  Hmmm not sure but I had a client who drank a bit too much on the river the other day and took a nosedive off the front of my boat.

TLAPC: hahahahah.  What’s one thing every client should know about fishing with you?

Jaason: I’m the boss on the water.

You can keep tabs on Jaason’s fishing and hunting adventures by following him on Instagram

Jaason has a thing for MONSTER Brown Trout and Celebrities!

Guide Jaason Pruett with a big Brown. Guide Jaason Pruett with a big Brown. Guide Jaason Pruett with a big Brown. Jaason and his kids with "The Fonz"