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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report July 28th, 2016

As they say in the Tour De France, I’ve fallen off the back on the fishing report, and didn’t get a chance to interview a guide Jenny with Cutthroat troutfor our fishing report this week.  However since I was out on the river several days this week I’ll have to do hahaha.

I was a bit concerned this week heading out on the river with temperatures 10 degrees above average for this time of year and the sunny blue skies. I really thought the fishing would take a turn for the worse, but the bugs seemed to save us from that this week.  We continue to have success fishing small golden stone patterns on the banks with a dropper below them and the PMD fishing in the middle of the day remains very good, even if the fish are getting a bit more picky and difficult.  Make sure you pack a good selection of PMD emergers as the larger fish are preferring those in the riffles.

If fishing slows in the last afternoon post PMD hatch don’t be afraid to go deep with a nymph set up and if you’re patient enough and have the time to stay out late the fishing picks up again on caddis and PMD spinners as the light fades.

I’d anticipate the water13880223_1148490701858624_892858851947757254_n
dropping a bit in the coming week or two and that should really help stimulate some bugs to hatch and “shake things up” for the better.

A few photos of some lady anglers kicking butt this week.

Have fun out there!