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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report June 22nd, 2017

South Fork of the Snake fishing report

It’s on…or is it?

Yesterday was the first day of summer and, as if on cue, the bugs on the lower river went crazy.  We had several boats on the lower river yesterday that saw the years first hatches of adult salmon flies, yellow sallies, and green drakes.  Because the water is still off color all the fish were caught on stonefly, green drake or bead head nymphs.  There were numerous adult naturals on the water, the fish either couldn’t see them due to the water clarity or were getting enough to eat on nymphs that there was no need to come up.  Either way, we sure had some happy anglers, they had the river to themselves and caught lots of fish.

There’s been lots of up and downs this year and today is no exception.  After the great fishing yesterday the river has risen from 20,000 cfs to 21,500 and will be 22,500 by the end of today.  What this will do to the fishing for this weekend remains to be seen.  The increase in water and the cooler weather may stop or slow the hatch for a few days.  It will certainly make the river more difficult if not downright dangerous to be on.  We do have boats on the river today as well as through the weekend so we’ll update the fishing report as necessary.

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