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South Fork of the Snake River Fishing Report June 30th, 2016

This week’s fishing report is brought to you by Tanner Lewis.  Tanner has been guiding as long as he’s been old enough to have a job and we’ve been keeping him really busy the past couple of weeks chasing bugs up and down the South Fork.  If you’ve fished with Tanner then you know his Red, White, and Blue Clackacraft is coming into it’s prime season with Independence Day coming up hahaha.  The big news is Tanner will have a new boat soon and we’re pretty sure he’s more excited about that new boat than just about anything.  Tanner is the man on Instagram, even I follow him, you can to here.

Tanner, like all the guides this week has been jockeying to stay in the hot fishing, section 3 and 4 where the bulk of the bugs are right now.  He also reports some really good dry fly fishing starting to happen in section 2 in the afternoons.  Pretty much from Conant down will be a slammer this weekend but don’t be afraid to poke around on the upper river as well as PMD’s, Sallies and maybe a few big bugs will be showing up soon.

It’s going to be crowded this weekend so don’t be afraid to think outside the box a bit, early morning float, late evening, maybe an obscure put in or take out to keep you out of the main groups of boats.  We do have a few spots available this weekend if you want to go but hurry they won’t last (208-483-2222).

Strategies and Flies for this week:  If you don’t see fish or bugs out first thing in the morning, most of the guides have been successful throwing nymphs or a big big dry in the right spot.  Sometime after lunch the bugs start to hatch and from then on it’s pretty much game on.  Standard fare for this time of year includes big foamy Salmon Fly patterns, Salmon Fly nymphs, Stimulators and PMD patterns.  Our shop is fully stocked with everything and anything you might need so come see us.

Have a great 4th of July weekend and we’ll see you out there.