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Spring fishing is looking good.

Hi everyone.  The weather is warming and spring is looking good.  The fish are still in winter mode which means they are in the deep pools eating food that comes to them.  The fish below Palisades Dam are quite active on Mysis shrimp patterns.  We really like the Stalcup’s Mysis shrimp in size 16 or 18.  Fish and Game has tagged another 800 rainbow and hybrid trout for their Angler Incentive Program.  The biologists believe it is working.  They mentioned the rainbows were particularly large this winter when they tagged the fish.  Also, our cutthroat and brown trout numbers are up as well.  It appears to be an average snow year and that means plenty of water for our system.  The factors are falling into place for a GREAT year of fishing!  The ramps and access points are nearly thawed and if the weather pattern continues we will see total access in a week.  The water is low and a person can walk across the entire river in most places.  This is normal for this time of year.  The Lodge will open in May this year and we expect good nymph fishing starting then if not sooner.  We are also working on a waterfowl hunting permit and permitting on the main Snake River from Idaho Falls down past Pocatello,  Idaho to Massacre of Rocks.  This will open up “Project X” on the main snake near Firth, Shelley and the towns of Rose to trophy trout fishing in the fall.  Also, the Tilden Bridge area for trophy trout in spring water feeding the river above American Falls Reservoir.  It’s a longtime secret we hope to share with you soon!  Maybe, just maybe, we may even see Larry the Legend back on the sticks showing you his home water mentioned above.  See ya soon.download South Fork Brown