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Spring Fishing

Is it time for Spring fishing on the South Fork?  Temperatures today are expected to be in the mid 50’s. Combined with sunny skies and our current water conditions fishing could be quite good today, certainly will be a beautiful day on the water. It’s tempting to think Spring has sprung when weather like this rolls in but if you’ve lived here long enough you know that Winter probably isn’t over.

South Fork Brown Trout
Happy Angler dressed for the weather

If you get a chance to get out on the water most of the boat ramps are now accessible, call our shop with questions 208-483-2222.  But with flows running at 900 cfs a walk and wade trip might be the best bang for your buck.  If you have a favorite fishing hole on the river chances are you can walk to it with flows this low.

Angler surveys South Fork
Walk and Wade

With the warmer weather don’t be surprised if you see trout rising to midges, skawalas, maybe even a Blue Winged Olive. This is most likely during the warmest part of the day.  If no fish are rising fish your favorite bead heads trailed by a midge pattern.  Stonefly nymphs, San Juan worms, and midge patterns are the name of the game.  Keep in mind that the fish really pod up this time of year so if you find one, it’s likely there are more.

Rainbow Trout South Fork of the Snake
Cris Pattee on a Spring float a few years ago

If you are interested in a guided trip give us a call, the lodge doesn’t open until May 1st but our guides would be more than happy to hit the river.

Also don’t forget we are offering 1/2 Lodging in May book now to hit the South Fork before run-off and save big. Call Rayna at 208-483-222 to reserve your dates.