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The best year yet!

Hi friends, as I write this post on Nov. 10 we look out to a few inches of fresh snow.  We need a big snowy winter to make up for the dry summer.  I think we would all agree fishing was fantastic this year at the Lodge at Palisades Creek.  Just look at some of the beauties we caught.  The Lodge had it’s best year ever.  We opened earlier and stayed later than any year in the past 22.  Our sales were better than ever, both lodging and retail.  The fact is we have become more passionate and committed to providing our guests with a very quality experience.  Everyone from the house keepers, to the guides, to the chef’s, to the office staff, to the servers realize how important your stay is to our livly hood.  Next year promises to be fantastic as well.  Please consider making a reservation as soon as possible as most guests this year rebooked for next year.  Space is filling fast.

Fishing report;

the flows are dramatically low, 948 c.f.s.  The brown trout are in full spawn mode.  Fun to fish for on cloudy days, a bit spooky on sunny days.  Warmer sunny days see lots of blue winged olive surface action and the fun thing is that you can see rise forms way up river of feeding trout.  The rise forms don’t indicate the size of the fish so when you see risers prepare for a monster.  There is very little traffic on the river.  We have had a mild fall so far.  Fishing has been excellent!.  The lower stretches have a bit more water flowing and offer great streamer opportunities.  All styles are working well with the old stand by of a dry and dropper still producing, and great mid day dry fly action.  Jaason, Josh, Rollie, Buck, Cole are are still out and about getting their own fishing in after a long summer of guiding.  They will be available all winter.  Though the Lodge is closed until next spring, if your in the area and want t fish give us a call.  Hint:  if we have a mild winter, consider coming in June of next year.  You can always email rayna at the Lodge or check out our facebook page. I will make posts through the winter.  I am an avid snowmobile and ride the headwaters of Palisades Creek all winter as I have for the last 12 years.  I think I have a very good notion of what the water will do for our reservoirs and our beloved river.  Stay in touch,…….Justin Hays(General Manager)