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The fourth of July and the nymphs are crawling to the banks

Hot off the press.  It is Sunday July fourth.  Even with high flows, 15,800 cfs, we are seeing tremendous salmon fly nymph movement in the middle of the canyon and below.  FINALLY, dry fly action mid day on drakes.  Lots of drakes also in the mid canyon areas and below.  We have NOT seen many dry Salmon Flies,………yet.  It as hourly observation at this point.  The guide reports of salmon fly nymph activity suggests we should see a great hatch.  They are seeing big numbers of nymphs about 3 feet deep in the water coloumn uinder rocks but not on the banks yet.  This might suggest another two days untill surface activity increases.  Also, the Franklins Gulls are staged and waiting.  This is something that triggers any guides anticipation.   Fish stonefly nymphs 4 feet deep off the banks that are 4-6 feet deep