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The guides at TLAPC launch a blog!

New for 2009 is the TLAPC Blog where guides and lodge staff can update fishing reports and lodge news.  Look for updates from yours truly, Pat Kelly (Fly Shop Manager), Jaason Pruett (Head Guide), Stan “The Man” Klassen (Lodge Manager) and any other of our uber guides that  want to post reports, pictures, or just a funny story.

Spring weather is just starting to appear hear in Idaho and the guides are starting to get the itch to “test the waters.”  I know that Pat  and Jaason have already been on the river this year.  I plan on checking things out this weekend if the weather holds, its supposed to be 50 degrees.  Nymphs and Streamers are the name of the game, but on warmer days it’s possible to find fish rising on Midges, and it won’t be long till we find some Blue Winged Olive’s coming off as well.  Fish and Game apparently tagged 200 more rainbows for the guides to try and find this summer and they also shocked up a rainbow over 28″!!!  That’s a fish worth looking for!

If you are interested in doing some Spring fishing  TLAPC is offering a “Trout Stimulus Package”, $100 off the regular day fishing rate from now until June 1st.  Come check out the excellent pre-runoff fishing for big Cutthroat, spawning Rainbows, and the always hungry Browns.  To book an early season trip call or email Rayna at 208-483-2222 or [email protected].

Thanks for reading and here’s a couple pictures from last summer.

Chris “Jigidy” Jensen