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The South Fork is Fishing!

After a long-awaited run-off period, The Lodge at Palisades Creek is here to state, “the South Fork is Fishing!”  Guides have been returning to the Lodge with smiles upon smiles.  Levels have sustained at 16,000 cfs and the water is clearing in the tributaries which have dirtied the South Fork in recent weeks.  Rods are bending! I repeat rods are bending.  Nymphing is the de jure with worms, egg patterns and stonefly nymphs.  I also heard a vicious yet reputable rumor that stoneflies have been spotted in the lower reaches of the canyon stretches signalling remarkable fishing to come.  Additonally, yellow sallies have been flying overhead from middle canyon downstream.  Guides are not eeking 1 -2 trout days, rather are returning with dozens of trout to the net and, yes, the occasional whitefish.  You better stay tuned because it’s time to “light the fuse and stand back.”  The South Fork is back!