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Update and general blog 6-07-09

So I sit here this Sunday the 7th day of June, and it’s snowing.  The flows of the South Fork are stable and running fairly high, 10,800 cubic feet per second.  The spring flush has been cancelled as a result of a very full reservoir system.  There is an attempt to fill all reservoirs and canals to capacity and encourage water soaking into the ground.  Indeed the best storage happens in the underground reservoirs we have naturally in this state.  There is way less evaporation and a purification process that benefits everyone.    So, Eric, Brad and I have been out every other day or so.  Usually floating the upper(Dam to the Lodge).  There has been some action on white streamers, but we focus mainly on the redds.  The water is cloudy as it is raging into Palisades Reservoir(23,000 cfs) and therefore is cloudy coming out(10,800 cfs).  Still about two feet visibility.  The rainbows are spawning and on redds.  The redds are tricky to find but when located surely have a variety of fish on them.  We use small green and peach colored eggs. “The Ditch”(Lodge to Irwin) has been slow.  There is little dry fly action here.  We usually wait until July for dry to show up on the upper.  Bridge to Conant has been productive, from what I have heard, but not hot.

Road construction is here, early.  Huge tractor hatch up on the highway through the dry farms.  Should be done by the time guests arrive.  Gnarly waits in line.

     The Canyon has fished well.  Cloudy days seem to benefit the angler a great deal.  Sunny days seem to increase the scenery.  It has been a moist chilly spring.  Slightly milder than last year.   Successful patterns include white streamers, again, and rubber legs with a bead head flashback pheasant tail, and always, san juan worms.  World Cast anglers posted on facebook, of a picture of the shop guy and his brother who landed a 27 3/4 inch brown trout day before yesterday, check it out.  Brad had a trip last week and caught four fish 18” and over and about 10 other “fish”.   He floated section three, cottonwood to byington.  Section four I have not floated yet.  The construction makes it a challenge for everyone, especially the shuttle drivers.  Stories of vehicles not at take out during poopy weather has created a paranoia of that section, for now.  There is a large draw off the river as flows near the Lornzo Bridge are 4,0000 cfs, substantially lower than Heise and Byington at 10,800 cfs.  There should be stories of   nymphs soon.

I want to attach a link I found interesting, check these out.



A little side information.  There is a very large piece of earth just above the dam that is beginning to slide into the reservoir. There is not much immediate concern for us river users, yet.   It is a great concern of the forest service.  Two buildings have been destroyed as a result of the shifting soil.  We drove up the other day and checked it out.  Looks like 4-5 football fields of earth are on the move.  The concern, if the slide breaks loose and quickly falls into the reservoir, the sediment could clog the drain tubes and cause the turbines and outflow to stop.  The road is still open as of now.  The forest will most likely close the road soon, especially as damp as it has been.  This will close off a major recreation area for those who use the Calamity boat ramp and enjoy the Bear creek area surrounding the southern end of the reservoir, amongst many others. 


Bets of all, the flows are steady, the water warming, lots of water stored.  Things are setting up for a fantastic summer of fishing!!!  Look forward to seeing you all.

Caveat Emptor: I am a guide for The Lodge at PalisedesCreek in Irwin Idaho.  My name is Justin Hays.  If you are interested in fishing with me or any of our experienced guides please contact the Lodge at 1-208-483-2222.

Also, I like to spell redds with two d’s.