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Winter fishing hasn’t been this good in a long time! 2-8-18

What a fabulous winter fishing season we are having.  What makes it so great?  A couple things, first, low snow levels in our valley makes for easy access to the river, even with a driftboat.  Many winters we can not get to the river as the access parking lots are not plowed.  The ramps into and out of the water are dangerously slippery.  NOT THIS  YEAR.  Access can be had from Palisades Dam all the way down the river, including Conant which can be scary this time of year.  Secondly, high winter flows.  The river is flowing at twice its winter average, 3500 c.f.s.  This gives baby fish more room to hide and grow.  It also allows invertebrates(Insects) in the rocks to have more area to avoid the ravages of winter.  Get out if you can.